Questions You Should Ask General Contractors Roofing Company Before You Sign The Papers

1. What kind of warranty do you provide?

Some contractors can provide a written warranty agreement to clearly state what your warranty covers. This should disclose what is covered, what is not, and for how long. The duration period might vary. A one-year warranty is good, and of course, two years is even better. Some contractors can provide a long-term warranty for some services like foundation repair.

2. What does the payment schedule look like?

Having a set payment schedule is important for both you and the roofing contractor. Usually, you don’t have to pay the full price upfront, and most contractors won’t ask you to do so. Discuss payment terms such as the payment amount, key deliverables, and due dates before the construction begins.

3. What are some challenges that might pop up during this project?

There are some challenges that may be discovered later in the process. For example, when the existing layer of shingles is removed, roofers may discover some damage to the decking that will need to be repaired. This will cause further expenses and require more time and effort from the crew. When talking to the general contractors roofing company, ask them what challenges they expect to arise. This will prepare you for any changes to the cost or timeline.

4. What is your way of communicating with me about the project?

A lot of questions will come up along the way, as the contractor always clarifies the details with a customer. You should determine the best way to get in touch with the roofing company. Make sure you understand their protocol for sending project updates and on what basis (daily/weekly/monthly).

5. What does a typical daily plan look like for your crew?

Your contractor should have a potential work schedule scheme for the project, such as working hours and general timelines. This may also include an on-site supervisor to keep an eye on your project.

6. Do you have all of the required building permits?

These requirements might vary by state regulations. For example, remodeling projects that change the structure of a building usually require a specific type of approval. A reputable general contractors roofing company will know how to handle this for your project directly.