Are you looking for roof insulation installers near me?

If you are in the middle of new roof installation, roof insulation installers may offer you to update your insulation. Upgrading your roof insulation may increase the performance of your roof and result in decreased electricity bills. Hiring roof insulation installers near me also has a few other advantages:

  • Ice dams prevention
    Ice dams increase the weight on top of your roof and may have a negative impact on your roof performance and shingles lifespan. Insulating your roof during roof installation prolongs shingles’ life.
  • Attic condensation prevention
    Droplets of water in your attic may accumulate and damage roof materials and cause leaks. However, hiring professional roof insulation installers near me during new roof installation will prevent this problem.
  • Gutter damage prevention
    Without insulation, your roof deck experiences faster expansion and contraction that can shift your gutters and loosen your gutter fasteners that will eventually need replacement.
  • Better heat performance
    With proper roof insulation, more heat stays in your home through the winter and less radiates down from your roof in the summer. This results in decreased electricity bills with your new roof installation.

Types of roof insulation that your roof insulation installers might offer to you

Loose-fill: Also called blown-in insulation, this type of insulation is made of fiberglass, mineral wool, or cellulose and looks like small particles that are blown into the attic cavity. Loose-fill is suitable where there are multiple small holes in the space you are insulating.

Batts and rolls: Also called blanket insulation, this insulation can be made of natural fibers, plastic fibers, mineral wool or fiberglass and looks like thick blankets. Fiberglass is the most common option for blanket insulation. This type may also have an air and vapor barrier on one side to prevent condensation and to make fastening the insulation to the attic easier for roof insulation installers.

In the next article, we will talk about how roof insulation installers actually install attic insulation.

If you’re looking for roof insulation installers feel free to contact us for your new roof installation.