Do You Need Roof Restoration Services?

The roof of your home is the most vulnerable part of its structure. Your roof will typically last 30% of the total lifespan of your home. Annual roof maintenance is essential if you want to save money on roof repair or roof replacement. Here is the guide to help you decide whether now is high time to contact a roofing contractor or not.

Signs that you need to call a roofer

1. You observe curled, cracked, or absent shingles. So basically shingles are the main indications of the roof’s “health”. If you notice some sort of damaged shingles, you should consider contacting a roof restoration company for an inspection and repairs.

2. You observe any changes to the shingles’ structure: change of color, dirt, water. If you see dark, dirty, or wet shingles, it is the sign that the shingles are allowing moisture to be trapped inside of the structure, which they obviously shouldn’t do. The main function of your shingles is water protection!

3. Your gutters are full of shingle granules. Most asphalt shingles shed their granules when wearing out. They typically look like black sand, so if you notice that in your gutters, double-check your roof condition by contacting a roof repair company for an inspection.

4. Some changes to the areas of the roof near chimneys, vents, and pipes. If any object penetrates your roof, they create an opportunity for that are to deteriorate. That’s why roofing companies always pay close attention to those areas and sealed joints and connections between the roof objects and the roof itself while doing roof repairs and roof replacement.

5. The exterior paint of your roof/house is blistering. If there is no enough ventilation in your attic, moisture and increased humidity can build up and cause the paint to peel or blister.

6. Water leaks in the attic floor or in your home after a storm. This can happen because of several reasons - poor flashing performance or even a porous underlayment of your roof. Worst case scenario - you’ll probably need a roof replacement.

7. A roof deck is sagging. If the decking in your attic is sagging in any direction instead of remaining straight, its structure might be damaged due to water leaks which made it wet and easy to bend.

When choosing a roof repair company, always pay close attention to their credentials, experience, and reputation. Choosing a local contractor is a good way to get repairs done at a reasonable price and ASAP.